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Working with Elite Media:

At Elite Media Communications, we’re working to create a company culture of openness and innovation, as shown by our philosophy and values. As we continue to experience what can only be referred to as exponential growth, we’re adapting to function as a larger organization while still retaining the aspects of small company culture we found so appealing. We used to have weekly team nights and meet ups, something that could easily be abandoned as we’ve grown larger. We have continued to bring the entire company together at least one night a week. Luxury? Nay, more like necessity.

“Positive vibe… everybody is extremely friendly, the attitude is always up and fantastic, and the huge potential for growth . . . That was one thing that I was looking for when coming into a new organization and not being stuck in the same position and having the opportunity to grow and get promoted through the ranks.”
“Work ethic, and that it is very demanding. Everyone is here is very competitive, and I am a very competitive person.”

Forge Your own career path


Through basic human interaction, we are able to greatly increase our employee’s interpersonal communicational skills. These skills are applied in all phases of our program from the basic sales to management of employees.


Our training starts first by identifying whether a candidate has the ability to manage themselves or not. For some people, this is extremely easy. For others, an insurmountable task. Either way we first evaluate a candidate based on how well they manage themselves on a daily and weekly basis.


One of the hardest forms of management in the workplace is peer management. Getting your fellow workers to want to follow you and listen to you as their peer not just their boss. This leadership by example form of management is the core of our training curriculum where every single candidate starts with the exact same job. This creates respect and understanding between management and the employees.

Small Group

Once a candidate shows us that they can manage themselves, the next logical step is to see how they perform when managing a small group of people. By challenging a candidate as a leader of their peers and placing them in a position where they need to manage a small group of individuals, we can normally see a lot of strengths and weaknesses show themselves. This also allows us to see how well respected the candidate is by their fellow employees.


We look at our employees as stocks that we want to build. Our training curriculum is set up with the flexibility to conform to each individual’s needs. This is not a one size fits all training. It’s a curriculum built around the employee’s strengths and weaknesses.


After the candidate shows us that they can manage the personnel, our focus changes gears to more administrative management. Payroll, Hiring process, Client Relations, Advertising etc. We are a people business so that is a huge part of our training; however, without proper training and organizational skills we would not be able to grow our business as efficiently as we want.

**Promotional Events Representative**

· Do you have experience in planning, event planning, promotional event planning and organization?

· Do you wish to utilize excellent communication and promotion skills ?

· Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur?

**We offer:**






**What You Will be DOING:**

· Promoting our clients’ products and services to customers and clients

· Creating and relaying product presentations on behalf of our clients

· Working with coworkers to create the best presentations for each individual customer

· Accommodating the efforts of new business additions

· Assisting in the growth and development of our company

· Developing and managing the needs of external customers

· Sharing methods and practices with colleagues

**What We Want From You:**

· Ability to communicate and interact with customers

· Demonstrate excellent interpersonal and communication skills

· Ability to present various marketing tactics and strategies

· Strong leadership skills

· Competitive spirit

**Retail Sales Customer Service Representatives!**

$10-$15/Hourly + Paid Training.

**Job Duties:**
• Work in one of our retail locations to assist customers face-to-face
• Answer questions regarding customer billing
• Sign-up new clients and set installation dates for new services
• Resolve customer complaints
• Troubleshoot technical/equipment issues

**What We Offer:**
• $10-15/HR + Bonuses
• Weekly Pay
• Weekly Bonuses & Incentives
• Paid Training
• Leadership Training

No experience? No problem. We provide FULL PAID TRAINING!!

If you feel you may be an exceptional asset to our team, apply today!

**Entry Level Paid Internship- Marketing **

- Are you a Graduate or about to graduate?

- Are you looking to start your career today?



You’ll have the chance to learn and apply transferrable business skills such as:

* Sales and Product Presentation

* Client Relations and Public Relations

* Marketing, Direct Marketing and PR

* Team Leadership and Trainee Management

Those studying in areas such as marketing, communications, business, and public relations are encouraged to apply!

**Requirements and Qualifications:**

· Background in marketing, direct marketing, customer service, retail or sales experience is recommended

· Must have a competitive nature, passion for growth, and have leadership traits and the ability to work well as part of a team

· Build relationships with customers

· Utilize skills in communication, direct marketing, promotions and sales

· Aid in market growth and development and create various marketing strategies for our clients