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Employee Spotlight of the Week

There’s something to be said about an employee that can instantly lift the mood of the office as soon as they walk in. They are the ones that seem to consistently have a positive energy and can put a smile on everyone’s faces. Enter in one of our newer employees Josh, who has been with us since June. Currently he resides as a Sales Representative, but is working towards becoming an Account Manager.

Although he hasn’t been with us long, it’s easy to see why we wanted to highlight him for this week’s employee spotlight. His drive, attitude and consistent positivity have helped him improve, hit goals and show genuine growth and development within the company.

Catching up with Josh, he says what he likes best about working with Elite is the “positive vibe… everybody is extremely friendly, the attitude is always up and fantastic, and the huge potential for growth . . . That was one thing that I was looking for when coming into a new organization and not being stuck in the same position and having the opportunity to grow and get promoted through the ranks. These are the biggest components about what I like about Elite. ”

As far as giving three words only to describe this company, Josh said “progressive, resilient, and positive”

When asked about how working here has helped his career development, as far as long term and short terms goals, he said that “It has helped to add on to what my existing experience had . . . I’ve had a few management positions and I have sales experience, but this has allowed me to use all of my knowledge and skills to become better. This allows me to do all of everything which is what I like the most.”

Josh went on to discuss his proudest moment when working here, that made him say “I like this company, I want stay”: “I had done research before coming here, so I knew what I was getting myself into. But when I was actually here, one of the biggest moments was when I hit four sales in a day, so for me, with being a new person and just keeping at it, and doing really well in one day was a really big moment for me.”

Josh also shared his personal mantra and what gets him excited. He said “I’m naturally just a really positive person, so the position has been really easy for me to basically stay positive in the work environment.”

However, what really stemmed that mentality started back in college. Josh was a desk assistant, where he built great relationships with everyone in the halls. One day he failed a test, and someone he saw frequently greeted him. And although he greeted her back, he knew he wasn’t his normal self, and he realized that scenario invalidated all of their other interactions.

So for Josh, going forward, holding on to that mentality and knowing that what matters most right here and right now is important. For him, “that’s why I like to keep it really positive and not let any outside factors affect my interactions with other people in the present moment.”

When asked about what he likes to do when he’s outside of work, Josh replied, “I’m a good old Northern Wisconsin dude. I like to drive my lifted truck, I shoot guns, and I lift weights.”

Keep up the great work and the great attitude Josh! We can’t wait to see what you do!

4th Annual Company BBQ

This past Wednesday marked the 4th annual company BBQ, held at the Jackson residence! The night started at 3am, with Mr. Leigh Jackson himself beginning the smoking process for the upcoming feast. While it took all day for the meat to turn out perfectly, it was well worth it. In total, the menu consisted of 9 slabs ribs, 3 briskets brisket, 2 chickens, pork shoulder, and hot dogs, along with roasted corn, vegetable salad, potato salad, beans, watermelon, and cookies! And if the food wasn’t enough, a live band, Jake’s Room, attended the party, playing hits all night and providing entertainment for everyone. To finish the night, s’mores were handed out, and an intense game of flag football broke out, with a Milwaukee vs. Madison show down. With a final total of 21-7, Milwaukee did their city proud, and took the win! We can’t wait for next year!

Regional Leaders Meeting

On Tuesday, June 13th, the Elite Media Communications team headed down to Chicago, Illinois for the Midwest Regionals Meeting, held at the Renaissance Hotel. For our reps that attended, they were given the chance to meet and network with other people in our industry. They were able learn new skills that can be utilized and implemented into their daily routines to help them grow in to management faster. While at the meeting, the CEO of our company, Leigh Jackson was given the opportunity to speak at this event, along with other top managers from the Midwest territories. Overall they had a great time, and learned lots of skills to bring back to Milwaukee. Before heading back to Wisconsin, our team stopped by Giordiano’s for some deep dish pizza. We can't wait for the next conference!

Summertime Softball Game..Batter Up!!!

Milwaukee, WI- This past Wednesday, on June 21st, Elite Media hosted their 2nd annual company softball game. In attendance were members of the Oak Creek, Green Bay, as well as our own Elite Media team. All in all it was a great night for food, friends and some friendly competition. In an intense game between Elite and the other offices, we took home the win in the final inning. We can’t wait for next year!

Elite Media Communications Admin Team Attend Atlanta Conference

On April 22, 2017, the National Recruiters Conference took place in Atlanta, Georgia, where recruiters from all over the country came to network, gain advice, mentor, and overall learn more about the recruiting process. In attendance was Vice President Brandie Jackson, who was also invited to speak at this event, as well as new recruiter for Elite Media Communications, Ally Anderson. When speaking to Brandie about this event, she mentioned that the biggest takeaway for her was “the development and changes to social media and branding. Since there wasn't as much involved with social media and branding when I first started the position 7 years ago, it is a subject I need to continue to develop further.” As far as catching up with her about her speech, she said “It is always an honor to be chosen to asked to be a speaker. I strongly believe that if you work hard at your position, are dedicated to the growth and opportunity, it will not go unnoticed. While it is an honor to be a speaker at the national conference you must remember to stay humble. There is much more that I still need to learn and develop. The reminder to stay humble, network with others, and study the material presented by the other speakers was the greatest take away.” Overall it was a great experience for both ladies, who brought back with them lessons and skills for Elite Media Communications to implement.

National Consultant Dewayne Long visits Elite Media Communications

On April 19, 2017, national consultant Dewayne Long came to visit Elite Media Communications in their Milwaukee, office, to check up on the business, and talk to the members of the business. Offices from around the Southeastern Wisconsin came down to visit, as well as to meet with Dewayne. During this visit, Dewayne spent time getting to know members of the company, as well as took some time to give some advice to the reps within the office. The night before, Dewayne and a few members of leadership went to The Smoke Shack for dinner. Overall, this was not only a great learning experience, but a great way to network, and gain more knowledge and insight on the business. We look forward to having you back Dewayne!

Elite Media Communications Having a Great Second Quarter, Looking Ahead to Summer

Wauwatosa, Jan.Wauwatosa, April 27, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elite Media Communications had its best first quarter ever with a wave of success. So far, Elite Media has aided in the opening of three new offices in Madison, Wisconsin, Santa Fe New Mexico, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. On top of having it’s best first quarter ever from an exponential growth standpoint, Elite Media also promoted a half dozen individuals in its local office to account manager, and partnered with a new client in deregulated energy.

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Elite Media Communications Donates Toys to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Milwaukee, WI- This month, on Wednesday, March 22nd, the members of Elite Media Communications joined forces and gave back to the community by collecting toy donations to give to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is an organization that sets out to help children and their families to offer some of the nation’s best medical care and social services in various Wisconsin locations. They speak to protect children, find cures to illnesses that affect them, all while educating others along the way.

For Elite Media, this event was not only an opportunity to give back, but also for the members to show off a bit of their competitive side. Members were also encouraged to bring their children to this event, so that they could learn about giving back to the community. The donation competition started off at Meijers grocery store, where everyone was broken up into three teams. Each team had to shop for three specific toy categories: infants, toddlers and preschool, and school-age and teenager. The catch was that each team had to try to get as many toys as possible, while trying to be the first team to finish their shopping and make it back to checkout. The teams also received bonus points for shopping for items in the miscellaneous categories, such as arts and crafts.

In the end, the team shopping for school-age and teenagers won for making it to check out the fastest. This team was made up of President Leigh Jackson and his son, along with sales representatives Felicia Juarez, and Sarah Alaam. The winners for gaining the most extra points went to team members Ally Anderson along with her little brother, and Taylor Hughson, who were shopping for infants. As for a prize, each winner received a $10 gift card to Meijers.

After the toys were purchased, each team member loaded up their cars and headed to the Children’s Hospital. Walking into the main lobby, the members dropped off 15 grocery bags filled with donations. In total, they collected around thirty different toy items, with a variety of at least five toys in each category. At the end of the drop off, Elite Media Communications was given a certificate of thanks from the hospital, and took a few group pictures to commemorate the event.

After leaving the hospital, everyone headed back to the office for some well-earned pizza and drinks, ending the night on a happy note. Overall, it was great team night that took an opportunity to give back to the community, and did a great job of teaching the children that attended all about charity and the meaning of giving back.

Phenomenal Conference’s in Dallas For Elite Media Communications Staff Members

Wauwatosa, March 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This year, members from the Elite Media Communications team consisting of Saad Fleifel, Sara Alaam, Lakisha Porsche-Bates, and Maria Bucci, along with owner and President Leigh Jackson attended the Managers and Top Leaders Meeting held at the Gaylord Texan Resort, in Grapevine Texas. This conference took place On Monday, March 13th through Wednesday, March 15th.

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Elite Media Celebrates March Madness with Sales Contest

For this March Madness season, the sales team of Elite Media Communications is celebrating in their own way, by holding a three-week long sales contest. For this contest, the three representatives with the most sales at the end of the three-week period will be crowned the winners. And this year, the stakes have been raised, as those three winners will be rewarded with tickets for courtside seats to the Milwaukee Bucks vs Dallas Mavericks game, held on April 2nd.

With such a great prize on the line, everyone has their game-face on, ready to win this tournament. And with such fierce competition, who will end up on top?

Employees Donate to Safe Harbor Neighbors

Established in 1893, the Milwaukee Rescue Mission is a program that tackles issues with homelessness in the city by providing our community with compassion and care through the help of practical care such as food, clothing and shelter. In fact, this year the Milwaukee Rescue Mission provided approximately 300,000 meals, and also offers their patrons shelter for over 100,000 nights They even offer programs that give their guests the skills needed to turn their lives around in a positive direction, and stay off the streets. Some of the areas that the Milwaukee Rescue Mission offers helps in are in education, counseling, help in overcoming substance abuse, and job training.

Milwaukee Rescue Mission has a program specifically designed for men, called Safe Harbor. Within this programs, some of the areas of help they provide range from providing help with their short-term emergency needs, to offering assistance with longer-term services that can aid in them withdrawing from addictions, finding and holding down a job, building confidence and self-respect, and most importantly, turning their lives around.

This month, Elite Media Communications has been collecting donations in the office that will go to Safe Harbor, with items ranging from self-care products such as shampoo and soap, to essentials like underwear and socks. In total, the office collected 397 items in total, including 28 soap bars, 18 shave gels, 21 deodorant sticks, 5 60c. packs of flossers, 22 tubes of toothpaste, 30 toothbrushes, 186 razors, and 50 pairs of socks. Way to go Elite Media!

Saad Fleifel Promoted to Assistant Manager

Elite Media Communications is a marketing firm in the Milwaukee area working with fortune 500 companies, which has drove them to become a top leader in the industry. Because of this growth, they are constantly expanding and opening new offices to accommodate. With opening new offices, Elite Media likes to hire within, rather than outside. Bring in Saad Fleifel, one of Elite Media’s Corporate Trainers, who will be taking the role of assistant manager for the newest Elite Media office in Milwaukee.

Although Saad is taking on the assistant manager role for the newest office, he wasn’t always a part of the Elite Media team. He mentioned that he used to “work in a a relatively same sales position for a different company. But I feel that it’s only fair to say what I did before that. Before that I worked at UPS, loading boxed all day, everyday labor intensive, had growth opportunities but I really wasn’t interested.” Moving forward, Saad came to Elite Media Communications, where he now currently speaks to President of the company Leigh Jackson, “everyday”, and finds the company to be a fun work environment. He also mentioned that some of his hobbies are that “I like to hang out with friends, and I like to play basketball.”

What initially drew Saad to the company in the first place was the environment. He mentioned that in his previous area of work, “everyone was joking around”. But at Elite Media, the first draw-in was “the structure they had” and that there were “no games, super serious, professionalism, and he “liked professional environment”. He also stated that the company gave this “vibe” that “seemed like I’m gonna turn you into a professional, I’m just not a kid, hopefully you will make it out the door.” When asked if Elite Media helped him go in any areas, Saad stated that “I feel like… it’s gonna open up a lot paths for me. I don’t know what areas yet, but if I make a million my first year, a Maserati is on my way.”

For a final thought, Saad gave some good advice for those looking to move forward within the company:

“Stay ultra-focused, listen to your peers rather than push them back and questioning things, and you know just go with the flow. Don’t question too much, because the thing is, we’re gonna put you in the best position, so opposed to hitting my goals in six months, I want to hit my goals in five months, I wanna hit my goals in four months.”

Elite Media Gives Back

The Milwaukee Rescue Mission is a program that since 1893, has tackled issues with homelessness by providing the community with compassion and care through the help of practical care such as food, providing approximately 300,000 meals this year, clothing and shelter, with stays of over 100,000 nights. They also offer programs that give patrons the skills needed to turn their lives in a positive direction, and stay off the streets. Furthermore, the Milwaukee Rescue Mission offers helps in areas such as education, counseling, help in overcoming substance abuse, and job training.

The Joy House, one of the Milwaukee Rescue Missions programs, focuses solely on women and children in unfortunate situations. With this program, those that come in are given a safe shelter, nourishing meals and programs that provide life-changing help, allowing them to rebuild their lives and get back on their feet.

For the past week and a half, the employees at Elite Media Communications have been collecting donations in the office to give to the Joy House, helping to support the mission this program is striving to achieve. Through their efforts, Elite Media Communications was able to donate 18 packs of hair ties, 20 deodorant sticks, 120 razors, 56 kids and women’s body soaps and bars, 15 kids’ toothbrushes and 5 tubes of toothpaste, 15 hand sanitizers, and 10 body and hair sprays. Not to mention they also collected diapers, band aids, baby wipes, laundry detergent, and tampons. This is also not the first time Elite Media has reached out to work with this group. This past holiday season, the Joy House received funds that Elite Media Communications raised.

Elite Media Surpasses $1 Million in Total Revenue..Looking For 2017 to Be Better

Wauwatosa, Jan. 02, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As Elite Media Communications Inc. company president Leigh Jackson received the news the company he and Brandie Jackson co-founded surpassed $1 million in total revenue earned in 2016, all he could do was smile. Thinking back to how tough it’s been over the past 6 years to gain momentum and keep it going, Jackson believes the last 18 months have definitely been more enjoyable than the first four years.

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On Wednesday December 28, 2016 Elite Media Communications celebrated its 4th Annual company holiday party. The party was by far the best holiday party Elite Media has ever hosted. Almost all of the company's employees and their family members were in attendance. The catered food was delicious, the children that attended had a great time, and several awards were handed out. The recipients were as followed:

  • Humanitarian of 2016: Brandie Jackson
  • MVP: Gina De Leon
  • Unsung Hero: Lakisha Porsche-Bates
  • Team Player: Michael Shields
  • Newcomer of the Year: Sayyab Mohammad
  • Most Improved: Saad Fleifel
  • Best All Around: Richard Fipps

What a great year this year has been. We look forward to 2017 and next years award winners. Happy New Year!!

Holiday Bonus Winners!!

Elite Media Communications would like to congratulate Robert Moore and Rachael Obeng on winning some pretty cool holiday gifts. Every November, we run a company bonus for two lucky individuals and the rewards are given right before Christmas. This year Moore won 1st prize which was a 55" 4K television and soundbar. Obeng finished second place and won a Sony Playstation 4. Great job keep up the good work!!!


At Elite Media we believe in working hard, but playing harder. Most recently the team all hung out at AMF Bowling to have fun and bowl the night away. We always have team nights like this one, but this was special because it served as a token of appreciation for friends and family members of the staff members for their support. Pizza and soda was served. (Gutter balls were not welcomed) :)


As a gift to newly promoted manager Casity McIntyre of Limitless Enterprise Inc, Elite Media President Leigh Jackson surprised McIntyre and two of her staff members with court-side tickets to see Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers face the Milwaukee Bucks. In the end the Bucks beat the Cavaliers 118-101. What a great night!


November 21, 2016 was a monumental day for Elite Media Communications. This was the day Casity McIntyre got promoted to management. McIntyre now co-runs the Milwaukee territory with Elite Media President & CEO Leigh Jackson. After 16 months of completing the management training program Limitless Enterprise is now open for business under the leadership of company President/CEO Casity McIntyre. McIntyre’s journey to management began at Elite Media Communications, located in Wauwatosa, WI in 2015. She started as an entry-level sales rep, but quickly advanced to the management training position. Her ambition, drive and tenacity helped her become a rising star almost immediately from when she was hired. A little after a year, she was promoted to assistant manager. Casity grew up on the Menomonee Indian Reservation and graduated from Preble High School in 2006. Upon graduating she studied for a few semesters at Ramussen College in 2009. In 2013, she earned her Certified Nursing Assistant Certificate through the American Red Cross in Green Bay, Wisconsin. McIntyre has years of professional experience in management in both human resource managerial experience and also previous experience in retail. She loves working with people, is fluent in Spanish and English, punctual, driven, goal orientated, personable, productive, outgoing, adaptable and ambitious. She loves playing sports, and was a former starting point guard on her high school varsity team. Some of her other hobbies include listening to music, reading books, camping, and skiing. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her son and her family. We are extremely proud of Casity and know she will accomplish great things in her career!!


On December 2, 2016 company President Leigh Jackson and Vice President Brandie Jackson were invited to attend True Vision Enterprises annual company symposium in Newport Beach, California. True Vision Enterprise is an affiliate company of Elite Media Communications, and the company structure is very similar to Elite Media. True Vision is a more established company, and has been in business a few years longer and is owned and operated by Dewayne Long Jr. who serves as a mentor and coach to the Jackson’s. The focus of the symposium was recruiting, and served as a major impact for managers in the industry that flew in from all parts of the country as well as their recruiters. Brandie Jackson was elected to help host the conference and was a guest speaker on a few of the most pertinent topics, and provided excellent insight to the audience on how to improve. Later that evening at the company Christmas Party Brandie received the team player award for how much of an impact she has on the entire organization. Leigh Jackson also won the 2016 High Performance Award as well. Newly promoted manager from Elite Media Daniel Carr II also won newcomer of the year.

Operation Smile

Saturday October 29th Elite Media opened earlier than usual for business for the day. The reason…Operation Smile. The whole entire staff arrived at the office as early at 8a.m, and were very excited when they learned they would be getting involved in helping the community. Care-Age of Brookfield, an assisted living facility, allowed Elite Media to donate special handcrafted bouquets carefully selected, and ensemble by its staff. The residences were extremely elated, and some shed tears of happiness. Elite Media is very excited about helping Care-Age in any way possible for many years to come.

9 Weeks In-A-Row at #1 For Elite Media Communications Inc.

Wauwatosa, WI , Oct. 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the fourth quarter of the year starts, one company that isn’t slowing down any time soon is Elite Media Communications Inc. For the ninth week in a row, Elite Media continues to remain the number one office in the country from a sales perspective. Heading in to the last quarter of this year, the company has already surpassed 2015’s total production. What’s even more exciting and unbelievable is Elite Media still has three more months left in the year, and those three months happen to be the busiest time of the year in retail.

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Elite Media Wins Major Award at Annual Company Retreat

From October 2-4, 2016 Elite Media Communications Inc. company President/CEO Leigh Jackson rewarded select members of his staff with an opportunity of a lifetime. Current assistant manager Casity McIntyre, assistant director Michael Shields, newly promoted manager Daniel Carr II, and senior recruiter Gina De Leon got a chance to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada in style. Along with company Vice President, Brandie Jackson, Elite Media attended this year’s R&R trip and awards ceremony all expenses paid. This is the sixth year in-a-row Elite Media has rewarded staff members with this amazing opportunity. The major clients Elite Media partners with sponsor this event, and open it up to other major independent contracted distributors to attend. In past years, R&R has been held in such exotic Caribbean locations such as Cancun, Jamaica, and the Bahamas just to name a few. Normally the trip takes place in the Caribbean, but due to safety concerns with the Zika Virus the meeting took place this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each individual going had their own hotel suite at the Aria Resort and Casino. The Aria is an $8 billion dollar development complete with over 4,000 rooms.

This year, the Jackson was awarded with the presidential award, which is one of the most prestigious awards given out. “I’m still shocked we won the award. Not because we didn’t deserve it, but because winning awards and accolades don’t define who we are as a company. I get so caught up in getting better every day and the people in front of me, that it truly slipped my mind. At the end of the day, I’m extremely grateful we were recognized for the year we are having, said Jackson.”

Elite Media Communications Heating Up the Summer

WAUWATOSA, WI--(Marketwired - Jul 25, 2016) - Elite Media Communications doesn't look like it's slowing down any time in the foreseeable future. Today the company officially promoted Dan Carr II to assistant manager. Carr is the fourth person Elite Media has promoted to a management position this year. Michael Shields was the last manager promoted this year to the assistant director position in April. Elite Media has a very simple goal, and that's to help as many qualified candidates that bring value to the company, assist them in achieving their goals.

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Dallas Top Leader Meeting

May 24, 2016 - Once a quarter, Elite Media Communications selects less than a handful of the rising stars from its office to send to the top leader meeting in Dallas, Texas. In order to qualify for this all-inclusive meeting paid for and sponsored by Elite Media, those who are chosen must excel in a number of different areas within the office. The number one area is growth; growth from a managerial standpoint, compliance and sales just to name a few. The purpose of this meeting is to help those in attendance grow to upper management within a reasonable time, once they return to their local offices.

Since our company specializes in promotion from within, the individuals facilitating the meeting as well as the guest speakers, all started form the entry level themselves early in their careers. From a credibility stand point, this is huge because the speakers can relate to any and every of the most challenging issues presented by the attendees. We are proud to announce Richard Fipps, and Dan Carr II both worked extremely hard and were selected to attend.

Chicago Regional Leaders Meeting

June 23, 2016 - Three times a year, Elite Media Communications attends a management training meeting in Chicago, Illinois area. This particular time the meeting was hosted at the Westin Hotel in Lombard, Illinois. The meeting primarily specializes in areas such as training, supervising and brand management, just to name a few topics discussed. Moreover this particular meeting is a spin off of our Dallas top leader meeting. It also gives an opportunity for those that just missed hitting their qualifications to attend Dallas a second chance. As always those that are chosen are exposed to the “bigger picture.”

Our company offers and allows our rising stars to ask tons of questions as well as network with the top owners and account managers in the mid west region. Per usual, Elite Media funs the entire short trip as a reward, and even treats the staff to award winning deep dish Chicago style pizza from Giordanos Pizza after the meeting. For most, it’s a turning point in their careers largely due to the exposure, and partly because they’re able to see and understand that there’s more to our company than what’s in front of them.

Elite Media Communications Aggressively Expanding

WAUWATOSA, WI--(Marketwired - May 11, 2016) - So far it's been a great year for Elite Media Communications. This company has been the talk of Milwaukee, WI for great reasons. For starters, Elite Media opened the year with a bang. The sales department is absolutely crushing it. Last week the company celebrated its best week of the year, and one of its best weeks ever. Adding internet as well as cellular services to the company's portfolio has definitely increased revenue. The most exciting news of the year however is Elite Media recently promoting another one of its staff members to management.

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Elite Media Communications Sets Sights on Explosive Second Quarter Following Best First Quarter Ever

WAUWATOSA, WI--(Marketwired - Mar 21, 2016) - Following the tidal wave of momentum created in 2015 by Elite Media Communications, there were a lot of questions at the turn of the new year. Would the company rest on its laurels? Has the company hit a plateau in terms of growth, given the amount of expansion that took place in 2015? The answer... no. In fact, Elite Media didn't hesitate to pick up where it left off.

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Networking in Cleveland, OH

CEO, Leigh Jackson, and COO, Brandie Jackson, traveled to Cleveland, OH to meet with their local DirecTv organization. During their time there they networked regarding Human Resources developing, sales representative training courses, and over all company growth. Traveling to network with other offices is just one in the many steps in completing the 2016 Elite Media Communication Goals that was written by Leigh Jackson in the beginning of the year.

Introducing Our Newest Corporate Trainer

Derott Johnson came into Elite Media Communications at the end of June and immediately made a name for himself as an Account Representative. Derott entered in the company with a strong background in management. Johnson’s previous job involved working with juvenile boys as a counselor /mentor. After graduating high school he attended school at Mercer University, and Tennessee state where he majored in human resources and minored in accounting. As far as hobbies he enjoys playing chess, bowling and playing most sports.

Johnson’s goal is to run his own business again, but this time his vision is to take it to new heights. In addition, he would like to be able to help people believe in themselves. Most of all Johnson wants to be someone who leaves a good impression on the people whom’s paths he crosses. Johnson has been able to bring his management experience in to this position which has assisted in a rapid promotion in to the corporate trainer position. Congrats Derott!

Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

Fourth Quarter expansion with Elite Media Communications

Fourth Quarter expansion with Elite Media Communications so far has started off with a bang. Clifton Neal III has spear headed that expansion by completing our management training program just in time for the holiday season. Over a year ago Neal started as a new sales rep in our office, now as a result of hard work, dedication, and perseverance today Neal is cutting the ribbon and running his own business in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Epic Consulting Group Inc. is Neal’s company name and has goals of taking New Mexico by storm. Epic Consulting Group Inc. is a name Neal created and envisioned while he was an account manager here at Elite Media. His company is partnered with Directv, Safelink Wireless, and Walmart; pretty impressive portfolio of clients to represent especially as a brand new business. We are very proud of Neal and his recent accomplishments, and are very confident he will do extremely well. We are excited about finishing the quarter strong as we embark on 2016 from a growth standpoint. Several individuals are slated to follow in Neal’s footsteps…will you be next?

Record Breaking Year for Elite Media…2016 to Be Even Bigger

MILWAUKEE, WI – (Marketwired – Dec 16, 2015) – For Elite Media Communications Inc, the goal for 2015 was simple: to grow. However, what Elite Media has done in 2015 has been nothing less than remarkable en-route to surpassing most of its initial goals set by company President & Chief Executive Officer Leigh Jackson. “My primary focus on a daily basis is to always make sure I’m doing everything I can to put my staff in situations that will allow them to grow and reach their personal goals. When this happens, we are able to execute and reach our goals as a company,” said Jackson. In just the fourth quarter alone, the company was able to promote Clifton Neal III in to management, and partner Neal with one of its newest and hottest cellular companies this year.

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California Conference

Our team had an amazing meeting studying the ins and outs of the human resource role from the best in the country this week. Leigh Jackson, CEO, Brandie Jackson, COO, Derrick Wolski, Asst Manager, and Meagan Boyer, Executive Administrator, were all selected to attend this conference and spend 3 days in sunny Southern California. During this time the Elite Media Communications team attend the human resources conference, spent time at the beach, attended a holiday party, and visited some Hollywood landmarks.

Congratulations to Brandie Jackson for being selected to speak at the conference and Leigh Jackson for receiving a award for his hard work with the company.