About Elite Media Communications

We are a marketing firm that specializes in marketing programs for our clients’ products and services. The client base for Elite Media Communications has expanded to satellite television, home improvement and consumer electronics. With the unveiling of our solidified and effective marketing program, Elite Media Communications has developed an undeniably powerful presence in some of the world’s largest chain retailers in a short amount time.

Fundamental values have been solidified into our business culture through various different backgrounds and experience from the founders of our business. These experiences come from several distinctive backgrounds of Sports Management, Military Background, Coaching, Personal Training, Business Management, Entrepreneurs, Accountants, Financial Advisers, and several other respective fields which we are proud to say make up the potent values of our company. These values have been implemented and structured into a Business/Management Development Program that has built and shaped our company to the prestigious and opportunistic company that it is today.

Our Mission

Elite Media will focus heavily on investing and developing its people to be better each and every day. We will strive to have each individual reach their full potential while holding each employee accountable to reaching their goals.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide a respectful and exciting learning environment for all our new business partners all while helping the company expand and grow.

Our Values

At Elite Media, we maintain an open-door policy and welcome any questions before beginning your career, or anything there-after. Our staff consists of hard-working, highly motivated individuals who strive for success and growth. We are dedicated to training our new partners and working side by side with our existing distributors.

“Character is a big one. . . respect and being able to build relationships with everyone around you, employees, co-workers, and customers.”

We are growing

Elite Media is an interesting work place for inquisitive, open-minded people.

If you think this is the place for you, simply use our online application and apply today!

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The Future.

By taking advantage of our Business/Management training and opportunities for professional development, even those with limited work experience can build personal and professional skills that will last a lifetime. The future is bright and consistent at Elite Media Communications for individuals that are team players, creative thinkers and self starters who are goal and detail-oriented and have an affinity for working with people. Most openings require no experience and are considered entry level.

Promotional Advertising

Our advertising campaigns are innovative, fresh and present the very best our clients business has to offer.

Professional Representation

New client acquisition is our specialty and how we promote your business is what differentiates us and sets us apart.

Increased Exposure

Currently we market for the premier satellite television, home improvement and consumer electronics.

Goal Realization

Our clients can expect the same level of professionalism with each campaign and can achieve greater brand recognition as well as increased revenue.

Our Unique System

What makes us successful

Making the decision to take your business to new levels of success can be a confusing endeavor. When deciding on the correct approach, there are multiple factors that play an integral part in the decision process. “Will the company we choose to hire to represent us actually attain the goals we set forth?”, “Will our business benefit from the exposure or products and services provided?”, “How can my business grow through promotional advertising?”. So many questions can go unanswered with marketing companies that solely seek to add new clients to their portfolio without taking the clients specific needs into consideration. Your goals are our goals and each campaign, each client is represented in such a way that success in inevitable. The professionalism of our team can take a campaign and transform it into a winning advantage for the client. Find out how we can be of service to your business and what the future looks like with Elite Media Communications at the helm of your advertising and marketing efforts.

Elite Media Team

Leigh Jackson - President and CEO

Prior to becoming a successful entrepreneur Leigh Jackson had quite the interesting background. Born and raised primarily in Houston, Texas, but also lived in Fort Worth, TX for a short period of time. Jackson was a national merit scholar and an All Greater Houston area regional athlete. Jackson was a three-year-letterman in track and field, and a two-year-letterman in football at Pearland High School. He would go on to graduate in the top 8% of his class with a 3.8 g.p.a. Magna cum laude from the Texas Distinguished Achievement Program.

The first experience he would have in the mid west was as a college freshman where he attended Kansas State University. At K-State he majored in Journalism and was a member of the 1999 Kansas State Wildcat football team as a redshirt freshman wide receiver. That team would go on to win the Culligan Holliday Bowl championship game. From an educational stand point Jackson wasn’t satisfied and decided to transfer to Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia. He would continue to play football for the Hampton Pirate football team, but also manage to graduate magna cum laude from Hampton University, with a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism, and a minor in English.

He then furthered his educational endeavors by earning a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in public affairs and international government from the American University in Washington D.C. Jackson was so engulfed in his education that he decided to spend a summer abroad in Europe. He studied the European Union Government in Amsterdam, Paris, Belgium, Nice and Cannes, France. Shortly thereafter, Jackson worked at The United States Department of Commerce, as well as The United States Department of Treasury’s Federal Credit Union. In 2007 he left the government to pursue a career as an entrepreneur and opened two pizza restaurants, and a Laundromat near his hometown of Houston, T.X. After two successful years the economy took a turn for the worse, and Jackson sold his businesses and headed out to the west coast.

Leigh Jackson then entered an electronic services management-training program in October 2009 at True Vision Enterprise, a local office in southern California under the mentorship of Dewayne Long Jr. After being in the program for only a week he was placed on the fast track to management, and grew to that position in only seven months. This was a record for making it to that position in the shortest amount of time back then. In August of 2010 Leigh and Brandie Jackson relocated to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and founded Elite Media Communications Inc. The reason for the relocation was simple; there wasn’t a strong presence in the mid west, and also a very high demand for their business.

Elite Media just celebrated its sixth year in business as an in-store retail-marketing powerhouse. The reason is simple Leigh and Brandie are both extremely ambitious and want to continue to make the mid west the number one region in the nation. Elite Media Communications isn’t just a top office in the mid west; it’s consistently one of the top offices in the nation. Jackson’s goal is to continue to promote and graduate as many individuals out of Elite Media’s management training program, and to see them become successful in upper management as well.

Brandie Jackson - Vice President and COO

Vice President, Brandie Jackson, started selling electronic services in Southern California December 2009 after the failed economy struck the small spa company she had been Office Manager for previously. She was quickly promoted into Corporate Trainer after being with the company only 2 weeks and showing tremendous grow and willingness for education for advancement. In August 2010 Brandie was offered the opportunity to help start the Milwaukee branch where she would train new employees to grow the new office. The following December Brandie put her customer service skills to the test and took over the Human Resources department at Elite Media Communications.

Brandie Jackson has been the Vice President for 3 years and has watched the business grow because of her dedication to the company. She plans to be with the company for many more years to come and loves to see others advance.

Robert Moore- Assistant Training Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a marketing/advertising company that partners with AT&T as well as safelink wireless.
Our form of communication is effective because we focus on helping people grow in to management all while earning a better than average income in the process.
We offer an aggressive base salaries that range from $20,000-$31,000 plus commission opportunity. This is great considering there’s no experience required for the position. However, having experience typically determines your salary.
We have multiple stores to chose from, but an employee typically works out of one retail location.
There’s no sales quota, but as a company we are excited about commission driven individuals.
This is a mid-shift position from 11am-7:45pm. We also have early morning shifts available. Our employees are guaranteed 40 hours or more.
Entry level is required regardless of experience because we would like to make sure our future leaders of the company can competently perform the duties they will be overseeing down the road. Credibility is key in our business especially amongst individuals you will manage.
We allow you to work at your own pace in terms of promotion. Promotions from entry level to account manager happen in a month from the time the candidate starts. Promotions to management normally take 5-8 months depending on eager and individual is to grow within the company.
Elite Media is constantly growing and looking for motivated individuals that aspire to grow in to management, and become a business partner. We’ve been in business for five years.
We have a fun, energetic, vibrant culture.