Charity Work

“Share”ity Review for 2018

February 25, 2019

For years Elite Media Communications has made a prime force on putting a footprint in the Milwaukee community by expanding their relationship with local charities. As a company, we are fully aware that the health of Southeastern Wisconsin area will directly impact the strength of the company in future years and their employees on more immediate bases. Working with charities is not a foreign topic for most companies in this day in age. Elite Media Communications has always worked with both local and national charities, but it wasn’t till recently when the administrative assistant, Bridget McLaughlin was hired with the company early 2018 that the enhancement of the direct implant of the 414 and 262 area codes could see surpassing previous years.

Bridget has joined the Elite Media Communications team with primary responsibilities of an assistant to Leigh Jackson and the human resources team. Much like most all her other job requirements, she took the initial question of, “Do you know a local charity we may be interested in working with?” and took off by heading up our “Employee Give Back” program. Bridget spends an immense amount of time reaching local charities, their impression in Southeastern Wisconsin, contacting the charity to understand their needs better, and then develops a plan to make it entertaining for the employees to join in. Since starting with the company, she has instituted nine different fundraisers, 7 in 2018 alone! By heading up the program, Elite Media Communications was able to reach Urban Ecology Center, Boys and Girls Club Milwaukee, Salvation Army of Milwaukee, Milwaukee Rescue Mission, Wisconsin Community Center, and many more.

The employees at Elite Media Communications are much like every person today with responsibilities of careers, families, obligations. The importance of team member participation that would have a powerful impact without a significant commitment of time on an individual is essential. Some of the teams' favorites were the Urban Ecology Center for Earth Day in April. With a wall of colorful balloons 8 feet high and 6 feet wide, employees could donate a dollar to pop a balloon and a chance to win fabulous prizes gifted from the management team. The surprisingly addictive event had every employee laughing from the awards won and the witty notes left in the losing balloons, “You are a winner, but this balloon is not!”

No one will forget the “Build a Fortress Against Child Hunger” castle built with kid-friendly food goods in July while working with Salvation Army of Milwaukee. In 2016 Milwaukee schools serviced over 43.5 million free breakfasts and lunches to students, but that leaves you wondering what happens to the students that need meals come the summer when school is closed. Salvation Army of Milwaukee has a program for just that issue. Partnering with them we were able to build a fantastic castle made with all kids’ favorite nonperishable foods.

Of course, there were many more favorites, such as basketball fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club Milwaukee in March, Mother’s Day flowers to the moms at the Milwaukee Rescue Mission in May, and a HUGELY SUCCESSFUL coat drive in September and hygiene bag “pot luck” in December for Wisconsin Community Center. All in all, we loved our sharing in 2018 and can’t wait to top it in 2019!

Elite Media Year in Review: Charities

December 28, 2017

This year has been full of good fortune for Elite Media, and one of things we incorporate into our business since opening is philanthropy and giving back to our community. This year was no different, and we spent time helping out quite a few different local charities this year.

To start the year, in February we helped out the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, a local homeless shelter in Milwaukee that hosts families, and provides food, shelter, and opportunities for them to get back on their feet. To aid in their mission, we gathered over 100 different personal care items, including razors, toothbrushes, socks, deodorant, body soap and diapers.

The following month, Elite decided to help out the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, who do amazing work for the kids in this community. We hosted a competition at our local Meijers grocery store, where everyone had to collect the most items from a list of toys from different age groups, and winners were announced at the registers. We later delivered about 6 grocery bags full of toys to the hospital directly afterwards. And in April, Elite’s team decided to go a little more hands-on, and spent an evening preparing a home cooked meal for the residents of Kathy’s House, an organization that houses hospital patients and their families.

For the summer months, Elite Media decided to get back in their competitive streak, and had an office-wide competition for who could collect the most pop tabs. These tabs were then delivered to the local Ronald McDonald House, with almost 5 full bags of tabs collected total! Later on in September, when Hurricane Harvey unexpectedly hit Houston, our President Leigh Jackson, who is a Houston native, collected supplies for all the hurricane victims. The items donated included clothing, deodorant, and other personal care items that went to Windsor Village Church, a local church in Houston.

To wrap up the year, our office held a “No-Shave November” contest, where everyone held off on shaving, and donated money normally spent on shaving products to go towards St. Jude’s Hospital. Finishing in December, Jackson, along with some other owners in our business headed to California, where they were able to collect donations to go to Make A Wish at the annual Christmas Gala.

Overall, it was a great year, both for business and for helping out the community. Each experience was very rewarding, and being able to give back to those in need, especially in the local Milwaukee area, makes it all worthwhile. Going into the new year, we plan to keep up the pattern, and are already working on our next charity for the month of January!

No-Shave November for St. Jude's!

November 14, 2017

It’s the start of the holiday season, and with that, that season of giving has begun as well. For our part, Elite Media Communications is joining the No Shave November trend, and having our own No-Shave contest. We will be ditching the razors and other shaving products all month long. Instead, with the money normally spent on these products, we will collect donations that we will be giving to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital at the end of the month.

St. Jude’s hospital does amazing work, researching and finding ways to defeat childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The donations they receive all go into more research efforts to help combat these serious illnesses, while also providing the necessary treatments that their patients need. Furthermore, the patients and their families are given food, lodging and travel opportunities with no cost to them because as St. Jude says, “all a family should worry about is helping their child live.”

For that reason, our office is very excited to help out this amazing organization, and to collect donations that can help make a significant impact in the lives of others, and support our community. With everyone at St. Jude’s in mind, we are ready to “let it grow”, and see how the rest of this month plays out!

Elite Media Aids in Hurricane Harvey Relief!

October 27, 2017

Last month, on September 13th, after the devastating damage that Hurricane Harvey caused in Houston, Texas, Elite Media decided to help out. To aid in supporting the victims of this natural disaster, our team collected donations that were sent over to the volunteers of Windsor Village Church in Houston! Some of these items included toiletries like shampoo, lotion and deodorant. We also collected various items of clothing , water bottles, and non-perishable foods. All of these were then distributed to anyone that needed them. We wanted to do anything we could do to help out those that had been affected by this hurricane.

Ronald McDonald House

September 1, 2017

Elite Media Communications has been working this month on collecting soda tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. All the tabs gathered are turned in, and in return all the money collected goes to resources for the families staying with them. The Ronald McDonald House does amazing work, allowing families who are suffering from serious illnesses the opportunity to get the best care for their children, as well as offering services such as home-cooked meals, private bedrooms and playrooms for the kids staying there. All of these services are at no cost to the families, and is made possible by donations and volunteer work. For the Ronald McDonald House, they believe that families dealing with serious illnesses shouldn’t have to worry about costs or where their next meal is coming from.

This last Friday was an exciting one, as the members of Elite Media Communications made a trip to the Ronald McDonald Charities of Eastern Wisconsin. There, we were all very excited to turn in all the collections we gathered for the past month from our Pop tab competition. In the end, we gathered over 300 tabs for the charity, and the team member who reigned supreme and brought the most in was our own rep Courtney Orbe-Valdez. We can’t wait for our next charity!

Hurricane Harvey Donations

August 31, 2017

Elite Media is following in the footsteps of JJ Watt and will be collecting donations in the office for those affected by Hurricane Harvey! Some of the items we will be collecting include apple sauce, boxed crackers, cookies, peanut butter, tissue boxes, blankets and pudding cups.

To read more about what the Wisconsin native has been doing for everyone in Houston, and to learn more about how you can get involved, check out this link!


Benefits of Supporting Local Businesses and Charities

August 3, 2017

For the past few years, Elite Media Communications has made it a point to consistently donate and support local charities and businesses around the Milwaukee area. But what is the significance of doing this, and why is it important for other businesses to help out in their community?

When you support a smaller local business, “Customer service is more personalized, hands-on and noteworthy from smaller businesses.” Says Forbes.com. They also go on to say that “Local business owners are more likely to give back to your community . . . Their value to our economy and more specifically - your local economy - are just as important.” With Elite, we strive to support small businesses through outlets such as social media, giving shout-outs to local shops we frequent and buy from. We also take the advice of the community, checking out businesses such as local restaurants that have been recommended to us. The value of community is important to us, and we make it a goal to keep that in mind when doing business.

As far as supporting local charities, there are a few reasons for why this is beneficial: According to business2community.com, one big one is the PR. “Firms which help charities can use their activities in PR campaigns – showing that they are responsible, ethical, and eager to help with the community.” Supporting a local charity not only helps to grow their own brand, but help with the charity’s publicity as well. “Companies which work with the local community could use the publicity to promote their brand. As well as this, helping with a charity could make them more attractive to shareholders, investors, and potential customers.” Further more, continuously working with the community and giving back helps to develop your employees. Business2community states that “Allowing staff members to help with charity events can be greatly beneficial. Not only can this lead to them learning new skills, but the added satisfaction of working with a charity can lead to increased company loyalty as well as employee retention.”

Elite keeps these reasons in mind when we choose to donate, but the biggest reason all goes back to the idea of supporting our community, and giving back to others. That’s why we gravitate towards charities that are local to the area, such as the Milwaukee Rescue Mission, Kathy’s House and the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. For the rest of the month, Elite Media plans to continue that mindset, and will be collecting soda pop tabs in the office to donate the local Ronald McDonald House.

For more a more in-depth explanation on the benefits of supporting local businesses and charities, you can check out the following links:



Elite Media Communications Donates Toys to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

March 22nd, 2017

Milwaukee, WI- This month, on Wednesday, March 22nd, the members of Elite Media Communications joined forces and gave back to the community by collecting toy donations to give to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is an organization that sets out to help children and their families to offer some of the nation’s best medical care and social services in various Wisconsin locations. They speak to protect children, find cures to illnesses that affect them, all while educating others along the way.

For Elite Media, this event was not only an opportunity to give back, but also for the members to show off a bit of their competitive side. Members were also encouraged to bring their children to this event, so that they could learn about giving back to the community. The donation competition started off at Meijers grocery store, where everyone was broken up into three teams. Each team had to shop for three specific toy categories: infants, toddlers and preschool, and school-age and teenager. The catch was that each team had to try to get as many toys as possible, while trying to be the first team to finish their shopping and make it back to checkout. The teams also received bonus points for shopping for items in the miscellaneous categories, such as arts and crafts.

In the end, the team shopping for school-age and teenagers won for making it to check out the fastest. This team was made up of President Leigh Jackson and his son, along with sales representatives Felicia Juarez, and Sarah Alaam. The winners for gaining the most extra points went to team members Ally Anderson along with her little brother, and Taylor Hughson, who were shopping for infants. As for a prize, each winner received a $10 gift card to Meijers.

After the toys were purchased, each team member loaded up their cars and headed to the Children’s Hospital. Walking into the main lobby, the members dropped off 15 grocery bags filled with donations. In total, they collected around thirty different toy items, with a variety of at least five toys in each category. At the end of the drop off, Elite Media Communications was given a certificate of thanks from the hospital, and took a few group pictures to commemorate the event.

After leaving the hospital, everyone headed back to the office for some well-earned pizza and drinks, ending the night on a happy note. Overall, it was great team night that took an opportunity to give back to the community, and did a great job of teaching the children that attended all about charity and the meaning of giving back.

Employees Donate to Safe Harbor Neighbors

March 2017

Established in 1893, the Milwaukee Rescue Mission is a program that tackles issues with homelessness in the city by providing our community with compassion and care through the help of practical care such as food, clothing and shelter. In fact, this year the Milwaukee Rescue Mission provided approximately 300,000 meals, and also offers their patrons shelter for over 100,000 nights They even offer programs that give their guests the skills needed to turn their lives around in a positive direction, and stay off the streets. Some of the areas that the Milwaukee Rescue Mission offers helps in are in education, counseling, help in overcoming substance abuse, and job training.

Milwaukee Rescue Mission has a program specifically designed for men, called Safe Harbor. Within this programs, some of the areas of help they provide range from providing help with their short-term emergency needs, to offering assistance with longer-term services that can aid in them withdrawing from addictions, finding and holding down a job, building confidence and self-respect, and most importantly, turning their lives around.

This month, Elite Media Communications has been collecting donations in the office that will go to Safe Harbor, with items ranging from self-care products such as shampoo and soap, to essentials like underwear and socks. In total, the office collected 397 items in total, including 28 soap bars, 18 shave gels, 21 deodorant sticks, 5 60c. packs of flossers, 22 tubes of toothpaste, 30 toothbrushes, 186 razors, and 50 pairs of socks. Way to go Elite Media!

Elite Media Gives Back

The Milwaukee Rescue Mission is a program that since 1893, has tackled issues with homelessness by providing the community with compassion and care through the help of practical care such as food, providing approximately 300,000 meals this year, clothing and shelter, with stays of over 100,000 nights. They also offer programs that give patrons the skills needed to turn their lives in a positive direction, and stay off the streets. Furthermore, the Milwaukee Rescue Mission offers helps in areas such as education, counseling, help in overcoming substance abuse, and job training.

The Joy House, one of the Milwaukee Rescue Missions programs, focuses solely on women and children in unfortunate situations. With this program, those that come in are given a safe shelter, nourishing meals and programs that provide life-changing help, allowing them to rebuild their lives and get back on their feet.

For the past week and a half, the employees at Elite Media Communications have been collecting donations in the office to give to the Joy House, helping to support the mission this program is striving to achieve. Through their efforts, Elite Media Communications was able to donate 18 packs of hair ties, 20 deodorant sticks, 120 razors, 56 kids and women’s body soaps and bars, 15 kids’ toothbrushes and 5 tubes of toothpaste, 15 hand sanitizers, and 10 body and hair sprays. Not to mention they also collected diapers, band aids, baby wipes, laundry detergent, and tampons. This is also not the first time Elite Media has reached out to work with this group. This past holiday season, the Joy House received funds that Elite Media Communications raised.

Operation Smile

Saturday October 29th Elite Media opened earlier than usual for business for the day. The reason…Operation Smile. The whole entire staff arrived at the office as early at 8a.m, and were very excited when they learned they would be getting involved in helping the community. Care-Age of Brookfield, an assisted living facility, allowed Elite Media to donate special handcrafted bouquets carefully selected, and ensemble by its staff. The residences were extremely elated, and some shed tears of happiness. Elite Media is very excited about helping Care-Age in any way possible for many years to come.